4 Responses to CARchouneh

  1. Bernard says:

    u forgot :
    Mekweyeh (honda civic 1990)
    Namleh (Mercedes Benz Class E 2006)
    Pigeon (Peugeot)

    and many things related to cars :
    Amulinum (Aluminum)
    Iskandar (Standard)
    Dirkesione (Direction)

    Nice to know there are still people who get the point in Lebanon!!!! Keep on the good work

  2. Hahah! Loved this post!
    (+ LOL at Iskandar)
    There should be a CARshouneh catalogue, along with a detailed car-parts page, where iskandar, dirkesione, bamor, and the likes would be featured.

  3. bodywotwat says:

    Actually it is Boumor (pronounced like Bou Mil7im) 😀

  4. foux says:

    hahahahahahhaha….so funny and true at the same time however there is a small mistake but a very important concept that needs to be clarified 😛
    body wotwat is not the same as body zo3ran as a matter of fact body wotwat is the bmw e30 which was made from 1982 till 1989
    body zo3ran on the other hand is the bmw e21 which was manufactured from 1975 till 1983…please note that body zo3ran is also called body hani chaker in some areas in lebanon….hahahahahahhahahah

    i would also like to add on the list on lebanised car names; bmw body boy (e36 from 1990 till 2000) and bmw body new boy (e46 from 1998 till 2005)

    i wonder what would all the german engineers go if they knew what we call their cars 😀

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