When was the last time you LYAO?

what'S so funny?

Tonight is a big night. I am going hunting in Beirut, slang hunting. I’m going to wear a very comfortable pair of jeans, I suggest you do the same, because these guys will give you lots of “Reasons to LYAO”

What’S so funny? This is one of the fundamental questions that humanity has been trying to answer since the stone age. I guess it comes right after “what’s the meaning of life”. Well I’m sure that tonight, Joe, Tony, Elie and Georges will answer that question that even M3allim Osho wasn’t able to  solve.

This is not the first time I will be watching their performance, but tonight I am going to try to get an interview with them and get back with some behind-the-scene material for you BodyWotwaters, getting you closer to these hilarious people.

If you didn’t get your tickets yet, now is the time. For more info, check out this Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=617640515#!/event.php?eid=117207331634601

Let the show begin!!


About bodywotwat

I'm a Lebanese slang hunter, I hunt at night and I take no prisoners! Wotwat style!
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