Reasons to be proud

I was supposed to write a review today about how hilarious and talented these guys were during their last performance, but I am going to write how Reasons to LYAO are giving us tonight, Reasons to be proud!

“Tomorrow Saturday the 29th, the ” Reasons To LYAO ” will be performing live at Jamhour for the fundraiser : Pour un coeur . . .” wrote Georges Tarabay in is message yesterday.
People with big hearts will make you laugh tonight, for the good cause. I’m going to leave you with the behind-the-scenes video and I invite you to join them at Jamhour.

“Be many and tell your friends about it and post it to your statuses . . .”

Respect guys!


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I'm a Lebanese slang hunter, I hunt at night and I take no prisoners! Wotwat style!
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