2ijreh bil Brazil…

… w bil Argentine, b England w b dahron Espagna! Mni7?!

The World Cup is almost here. Everyone is so excited!
Jerome Valcke, Secretary general of football’s world governing body, has revealed that the 2010 World Cup has been an unprecedented commercial success – before a ball has even been kicked (bitasarrof)

So everywhere you go, you see all these flags, in restaurants, malls, 7dedeh w boya shops, as well as all these football related merchandise, t shirts, wrist bands, stickers, mini flags, phone covers, panties, freaking anything to support your favorite team, “it’s good for business” said  dekanjeh l 7ay!

But there is this one piece or merchandise that was created for a different purpose. Ok so here’s how things work with these huge looking shoes. Let’s say you are one of those Germany fans and you have this personal issue with Brazil fans (fi damm baynetkon). First you start your discussing with a high sports spirit, then you start arguing and the conversation turns into something like “2ijreh – or higher-  bil Brazil w kill yalleh le72ina”
Taraaa, this is where you should really make your point. Run to one of these stores, buy a Brazil pair walk the streets with pride “Ana 2olmaneh, 2ijreh bil Brazil!”

No I’m not 2olmaneh, so this works with the other teams as well! Oh, who is my favorite team? Well “ana ma3 l le3eb l 7elo” (Tribute to LYAO)

Ok before I leave, did you know that the host country and the World Cup winning country see birth rates climb by as much as 15 percent after the World Cup? Waka Waka!

Find out more facts on this site.


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3 Responses to 2ijreh bil Brazil…

  1. Bruna says:

    LOL ktir bida7ik your style of writing. Love it!

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