“Darreja,” a play on the words “bicycle” and “trend” in Arabic, aims to encourage the state to create bicycle lanes across metropolitan Beirut, which is plagued by year-round traffic that peaks during the summer tourist season. (mich betasarrof, I couldn’t have said it better than the AFP, read the article ).

“Darreja” is a campaign organized by Fast Forward – with the support of IndyACT, the sponsorship of the Netherlands Embassy, and the partnership of Beirut by Bike- that aims to promote the development of alternative and sustainable means of transportation on the national level. “Darreja” is the first of a series of events aiming to raise awareness and call for urgent action from the authorities.

So, these were mouktatafat of what was happening out there on the 12th of June! It was about time for such an initiative to see the light. The traffic situation in Lebanon is so frustrating and we really need to find better solutions for transportation.

Grab a bike, Darreja and forget about the traffic jams, parking fees, expensive fuel…

Join Fast Forward’s facebook group and stay tuned for upcoming events, or maybe you can join the Fast Forward team, la tsir l 3aj2a b khabar kan…


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