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تعلّم لغة السّلاح في أقل من 48 ساعة.

أنت شاب لبناني منذ أكثر من عشر سنوات؟ – شهادتك لا تجديك نفعا؟ – سئمت من تفقاية البزر وأكل البطاطا شيبس على قارعة الطرقات؟ – تجد نفسك متفرّجا عند حدوث الإشكالات الأمنيّة؟ – تريد المحافظة على كرامة وعزّة موقف سيّارتك … Continue reading


Lebanon urges Pikachu to solve the electricity issue

Based on Cynthia Rahi’s comment on “W bekhsous l kahrab“ 3alima mawka3 “body wotwat” min masadir mouttali3a fi wizarat l taka ( wa koull l takat) anna l kayyimouna 3ala mou2assast l kahraba2, yakoumouna (as we speak)b moufawadat moubachara ma3 … Continue reading

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New species of mammals found in Beirut

A new species of mammals has been discovered in the jungles of “Beirut wa dawa7iha”, Lebanon. It has the look of a normal human being, walks on two legs, and roams in a heavily populated area of the Lebanese suburbs. … Continue reading

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W bekhsous l kahraba?

Last month or so, there was this campaign all over the TVs and on the road saying out loud that soon, all the Lebanese people will benefit from an uninterrupted power supply all over the year, ya3neh 24 3a 24!! … Continue reading

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How to survive a Blackberry Ban

Word on the street is that soon, we might not have the Blackberry service anymore. We are kinda used to these surprises, just like the kahraba, you wait a long time ta tejeh, 5 minutes later, BA7777. But I don’t … Continue reading

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7ada bi2ellak chajra?!

Hiyyeh mich 3a 2imeta, bass 2osset mabda2! Liom, 3a cha3ra, kenna re7na! Allah satar! First I would like to salute the brave Lebanese Soldiers who died defending their country, an all the Lebanese Soldiers on the front, our fathers, our … Continue reading

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