7ada bi2ellak chajra?!

Hiyyeh mich 3a 2imeta, bass 2osset mabda2! Liom, 3a cha3ra, kenna re7na! Allah satar! First I would like to salute the brave Lebanese Soldiers who died defending their country, an all the Lebanese Soldiers on the front, our fathers, our sons… God bless them. 2a2wa 3alam l jeich l libneneh!!

Thank God what happened today, tlaflaf bser3a, the price was high, bass 2ata3it. I was following the news from my desk, I was checking these “khabar 3ajil websites” ( w ma 2aktaron, it’s like cancer) every now and then. It was like watching Avatar, do you remember when the bad guys wanted to take down the good guy’s tree? And the good guys stood their ground and managed to make the ennemy yindi7ir 3an 2ard Pandora l 2abiyyeh?!

But it wasn’t as good as Avatar, first cause it wasn’t even in 3D, no special effects, but the worst part, some people died out there.

I guess we are all tired of these war movies, it’s time for some love movies, musicals, romantic comedies, thrillers, cartoon, anything but a stupid war movie. Tom and Jerry ya khayyeh, chou behon Tom and Jerry, bisallo w music Jazz, w bil2ekher byetbewaso w kaza.

Khallsouna ba2a, 3enna 2achghel, 3enna wleid baddna nta3miya, badna nonbsit, noshar w netsalla, khalas maleji2 w 2azeyif. Wleh, rou7o 2abbro ba3d ghair hon, ma ba3ref, choufoulkon chi sa7ra w dallkon 2awso 3a ba3d la tenfizro chou fer2a ma3eh ana, bass khallsona min waldanitkon ba2a a7san ma yotla3 7alib l nawar, HA!

About bodywotwat

I'm a Lebanese slang hunter, I hunt at night and I take no prisoners! Wotwat style!
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