New species of mammals found in Beirut

A new species of mammals has been discovered in the jungles of “Beirut wa dawa7iha”, Lebanon. It has the look of a normal human being, walks on two legs, and roams in a heavily populated area of the Lebanese suburbs. Yet somehow this mammal has gone undetected by science until now.

The scientists from the biodiversity department of the Lebanese university has given it the name of Ja7chus Libani, and it belongs to the family of 7ayaweinus Libani!

The specie is well know by the Beiruty tribal hunters but this is the first scientific survey of its kind that studied the behavior of these mammals.

They rarely move in groups, they are solitary creatures (live together die alone) they are shy, so to be able to spot them, the scientists had to wait for some time (not really long though) near what is called in the local language “jeser l moucheit”

Bil 3arabeh l mchabra7, hawdeh l bahayim yalleh byo2ta3o l autostrade ta7t, berja3 b3id w bkarrir, w bil sot l 3ali, TA7T l jiser!!!!!

Ya 3ammeh?!!! Chou bala mokh?! Bala nazar? Ma3touh?! Law jina 2elna masalan haydah l mouch-2insein 3am yo2ta3 b manta2a ma fiya jsour, mnebla3a, anno zammour zammourein, msabbeh min hon, accident min honik, bto2ta3, anno ma 3ley zaneb hal makhlou2, baddo yousal 3a cheghlo. Bass ta7t l jeser laich?! Eh w bisir we2ef w natir, anno yiii “3ala 7azzeh l bichi3 halla2, l seir ma 3am yehda, baddna no2ta3”, w bisir ya3mol feinteit (basket lingo) w faykeit, anno yefchakh fachkha w yerja3 la wara mitle ka2anno 3am bina2ez l siyyarat w kaza. Walla ana marra chefet we7deh, natra la ykheff l seir (3a 7azza) fa te3bit, le2yit 2ida 3a 3AMOUD L JESIR la teritei7!!

Laich ya allah????? Laich feltinon 3al tor2at baynetna?! Khayyeh 3meloulon chi zoo w 3amro jsoura w yo2ta3o ta7to kill l nhar bala ma ychaklo khatar 3al 3alam!!! Bass anno mintaleb b 7alabeit lal ser3a, ma hawdeh kamein wled l watan w lezim nehtamm fiyon.

Bizakrouneh b le3bit l Atari yalleh lezim to2ta3 l tari2 bala ma 7ada yokhbsak.

The question that asks itself ( l sou2al yalleh byotra7 nafso) is why the chicken crossed the road. But the Lebanese question is, why these ja7chus cross the road?! Because they are balamokh, balamokh, w 600 balamokh.

Libnein ma ra7 yozbat la2anno kill ma nejeh nibneh jiser lal tawasol wal 7iwar bein kefit l 2atyaf l libneniyeh, byejo l Ja7chuz Libani w byo2ta3o ta7to.

“2eltelleh mrakkab jeser la snenak ma haik?” Eh ntebeh min l Ja7chus Libani ma yo2ta3o ta7to, allah la yo2ta3 7ada.


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8 Responses to New species of mammals found in Beirut

  1. Cynthia Rahi says:

    100%!!! w bado kys bezer kamen houwe w 3am yo2ta3 el autostrade!!!

  2. C9T says:



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  4. Delirious says:

    very well said.
    shu balamokh sa7ee7!!

  5. Hassan says:

    I remember when SL CHI (I think) did a video on those and called it 3alam al 7ayawan. I’m too old to re-read this…

  6. Carla says:

    i love the comments in the video! you are a GENIUS LIBANI!
    my reference= wewe:P

  7. Bernard says:

    Mich mante2 : “Ja7chus Libani” Loved it LMAO … from the family “7ayaweinus Libani”.

  8. paty says:

    hahahahaaa la2 the words you use max salbe hahaha ja7chuss!!! very true, yet sad post though! w bala mokh indeed :S

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