Balamokhus joins the 7ayaweinus Libani family

After years of expeditions and tracking, the scientific team from the biodiversity department of the Lebanese university (the same guys who brought you the Ja7chus Libani) were finally able to catch on camera another species of mammals but this time on the Jounieh highway.

The team was not sure about the main habitat of these creatures or where they mostly dwell, but the scientists had noticed that they share a lot of traits with the Ja7chus Libani, this is why they have decided to join it the the 7ayaweinus family and call it Balamokhus Libani.

“They both are stupid, retards, show no sign of intelligence or civilization whatsoever and they both are a huge source of danger to the public safety, so we advice people to avoid them if they encounter any of these species” said Chakib 3ambar the leader of the expedition.

Balamokhus Libani, ladies and gentlemen, putting his life and the life of the drivers in danger, filmed by the expedition’s camera man:


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2 Responses to Balamokhus joins the 7ayaweinus Libani family

  1. nat says:

    Ahamma chi on your expedition video howeh el zebeleh spread on the borders of the famous jungle. tfeh wlo

  2. Rima Hamade says:

    Hahahahahahah guys i think you should share this video on ! maybe they might post it on the news !! 😉

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