What’s with moms and Tupperwares?!

I am writing this post while sitting on the stairs, right next to my house’s door and no I haven’t lost my keys! I think you have guessed right, I forgot the precious at the office, the very sacred Tupperware.

It was too late when I realized my unforgivable sin, so I thought I’d prepare a Machiavellic plan and a speech to cover this big mistake. I rehearsed my script on my way home, there is no room for mistakes.

Mom..Mama…Mamy!! Euhh no, the tone of voice is not right!

Momma, yeah this one is kinda affectionate and it might bring back her image of me when I was a cute little boy, “ Momma, do you know that every 3 seconds, there is a child who dies because of polluted water?”

I didn’t have to say more. There was a cold silence; I was able to see the fury in her eyes, if like she activated her supermom x-ray vision and scanned my bag without finding the Tupperware in it and she pronounced those scary words, my worst nightmare: “You forgot the Tupperware…Again!!” 2012-like words!!!!!

I started sweating, my throat was dry, my hands were shaking, I let the bag fall on the floor! I struggled to let those innocent words out: “But mom…I’m your son!! You remember when I was a kid, when I used to play with Tupperware instead of lego?! You remember my nido-like first day at school? You were so proud! You remember when I used to put the “carnet” in the Tupperware when I had bad grades so you wouldn’t ground me for a week?! Do you?” – and I let a tear out –

“It was just like talking to the wall” with a very slow move, she pointed her finger at the door, just like the last ghost who visited scrooge on Christmas eve when he pointed at the grave (with the sound effects, you know)! I felt like I was banned from my tribe, I felt the eyes of all the people on the family tree giving me the “ste7eh- 3a-toulak”  look, “jarraset l 3ayleh!”

I promise you, if you put in front of her 20 tupperwares that are alike, she can spot which one is ours…when blindfolded!! Walla

Dear moms, are your sons/daughters worth just a Tupperware…an EMPTY one?! Have you forgotten those 9 months, the first time we said “agha” and “ma”? Dear moms, a tupperware is not a holy grail or something!

This is the part when she opens the door again: “Ta3a 7abibeh enta, fadeik. Chou bi2ouloulak as7abak 3an tupperwareitna?!”





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I'm a Lebanese slang hunter, I hunt at night and I take no prisoners! Wotwat style!
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13 Responses to What’s with moms and Tupperwares?!

  1. Emilie says:

    Mish bas I like it!!! I saw my entire life… lol, well done :))

  2. Mich says:

    Hehehehe! Excellent post… Spot on and so funny as we’ve all be through that 🙂

  3. A Bare Truth says:

    hahahahaha, ur description is so good, i wish it was on tape

  4. Danielle says:

    What is with people and these stupid tupperwares!! My GOD! Imagine what my friend’s Mom thought of me when I borrowed a tupperware one day and forgot to bring it back! I felt like I had committed the gravest sin of all time, you should have see her face..the disapproval! Mannnn.. tupperware needs to open a store here and FAST! Great post.

  5. Liliane says:

    hahahahah listen i rarely laugh, but that is a very funny post LOL…

    hmmm i … wrote my initials on my Tupperwares so I dont lose them..

    Good luck with your tupperwaring journey

  6. Gaby says:

    LOL brought back so many memories!

  7. BeirutBoy says:

    my mom has a similar issue to tupperwares…
    funny post!

  8. maroo says:

    HAHAHA RAW3A ! (y)

  9. paty says:

    hahaha 3anjaaad what’s with the tupperwares!la2 please i forgot one not so long ago and she nagged my head off, wlek 7atta law u promise to buy 100 other SAME tupperwares, mech hiye zeta hahaha i love the post!!

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  11. Bruna says:

    hahahhah awesome, and so true.

  12. sandra says:

    hahahahha true true! sometimes bas ekhoud ma3e akel bi tupperware 2 my bf, mum bet2elle: bas dakhilik ma tense el tupperware 3endon:P aw bet2elle dallik zakkri yrajje3lik yeh:P hahahha anno muuuuuum plz it’s just a tupperware!! ma ele 3en ya3ne!! hhahahah

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